The LDR(Long Distance relationship) Syndrome

The very famous LDRs or maybe we call them as Long Distance Relationships, which everyone (almost) faces at one or the other time. Some call it easy, some call it ruthless and some say “Nothing changes when you have real love involved”, but honestly it is not the idyllic situation that one would ever want. It has both pros and cons of its own; this gives the so called “SPACE” but might take away all the happiness that you must receive when you are in a relationship. This thing can only be handled well by people with strong heart and will power.


In LDRs the ball roles from happy to disgusting times, butterflies in the stomach to get the hell out of here times. If managed well on time we are a hit else we fail badly and end up ruining a lot many things.

But when you feel the urge to get over it, just for once go back into the time and see what made you get into it.

Instead of criticizing and cursing the relationship, understand how important and precious it was for you ones.

The LDR requires you to give immense love and commitment, so that none of you feels the lack of that hug, that late night call, that touch, that feel.


The selfless love is now history, if you want some time you need to give a lot of it. And a few little tiny things can make your love go till eternity, no matter wherever you are.


Trust each other:

Be transparent in your relationship and give equal value to honesty and trust. If you love each other don’t let the trust go away, it is the building block of great stories. Stop intervening too much , stop being ridiculous. If you hate it, the other person feels the same.


Romance must go on

“Give a little something — mail a gift, write a love song, send a balloon-o-gram, order lunch and have it delivered to your honey — just make it happen,” says Falzone. When you are so far away all these small acts are hard to execute, but if you try and think you can achieve it. Show your that you love you care and you want to make it for forever.


Use that technology

Almost all long distance couples can agree that video chat is the easiest way to stay in touch with your loved one. It is always amazing to see that face when you are talking, to check out that little expression when you are narrating a story. Calling over phone is convenient but why would not you want to have a conversation that feels more like a real one.


 Use the “Future” terms

Weird right! But yes this is a mandate; the person must see that you are taking it beyond the current zone of being cozy. A rough patch in your relationship can be avoided if you bring in the FUTURE in between. This clearly mentions how steady you feel in this relationship regardless of the distance. If you don’t get into the big uncomfortable dialogues, all the emotional investment will be lost and gone.

Don’t be bossy!

Never ever try to control the life of the other person. Everyone wants freedom , eevryone has a circle, everyone wants to breathe in the air that suits them. Set them free and said in point 1, trust them . A relationship does not make you the owner of the other person’s life. REMEMBER this and you are not far away from wonderful life with love loaded into it.

Long distance isn’t easy; but if you do it right, it is worth all the pain and drama you went through in it. Love is not as simple as it sounds to be, put yourself into it to receive the complete self of other person, if they are yours they will be around , no matter what the distance is 🙂