To keep the spark alive :D



All of  you in love must have realised or seen at some point that the charisma is losing up or the-very-famous-change has arrived in your loved one. But wait a minute why cant we just try a simple steps and not allow that change to take over our relationships 🙂

Here are few simple tricks:

1. Keep posting and poking : the love of your life loves it when you keep writing those random texts to him or her but the one thing that adds topping on the pineapple cake is the note that you secretly slip onto their wallets or pockets. When they read it , they certainly get the best smile of the day . Try this and you will say thanks 😉


2. You look beautiful : yes you look great as well ! The random compliments out of nowhere makes them wonder how much love ponders every day in you . You love that person , you love everything about him / her , just keep reminding them. Love needs to be expressed all the time 🙂


3. Time : even if you are the busiest today , call your love amidst it just for 2 minutes to say *i love you* and you made both of yours day. It’s just that they must know that your clock strikes your thought with every passing minute.

4. Small little perks : because my love loves snickers I must always have it in my bag . This surprises them and makes you fall in for you more every time .

5. Make plans : take initiatives and make plans to visit their favourite play or cafe or restaurant or may be that movie that they have wanted to see from long. Don’t wait for them. Be the one to book your tickets .

6. Food : keep a check on what kinda things they love to eat and how they like to eat it. This melts them away. Salty, spicy , moderate , what is their taste, you must know this and don’t forget to show it to them.

7. Treat his/her friends as your own. They are the most treasured part of your love’s life , make them yours

Keep loving 🙂


Scan 2

Cheers !

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